ATLANTA (WSAV) — Georgia is just 5 days away until the crucial midterm elections on Tuesday, November 8 with more than 2 million people already casting ballots.

New data released from Emerson College and ‘The Hill’ looks at how the polls are shaping out in the peach state showing the incumbents in the senate and gubernatorial races are holding a lead. This Walker-Warnock race could tip the balance of the US senate with all eyes on the peach state.

A new Emerson poll shows that incumbent Raphael Warnock has a 2-point lead over Herschel Walker with 49 percent of the votes.

“You are seeing a high turnout among black voters and older voters. Black voters tend to vote Democrat while older voters are split and there is more variance,” said Camille Mumford, Communications Director, Emerson College Polls.

New poll numbers show incumbent Governor Brian Kemp with a 6-point lead at 52 percent over democrat Stacey Abrams – 

Spencer Kimball, Executive Director of Emerson College Polling said, “In 2018, Abrams had a very competitive race against Brian Kemp. She lost the vote by about 60,000 votes and has been campaigning ever since.”

“Unless a candidate gets 1 more than 50% of the vote – the races head to a run-off in GA on December 6. Voting experts say candidates can request a recount as long as it falls within a 0.5% margin”

Nearly half of the surveyed voters say the economy is the most important issue.

“What we have noticed in the polling is the economy is the top issue. It’s moved up 5 to 6 points. Other issues gaining traction include threats to democracy, abortion access, crime and immigration have plateaued but the main focus is the economy,” Kimball said. 

 “Voting experts say the gubernatorial race and secretary of state race – given how close the US senate race is – between Warnock and Warnock, that will likely to head to a runoff on Dec 6.” 

Friday is the last day of early voting with voting activists predicting up to 5 million Georgians will vote in the midterms.

On election day, you have to vote at your designated polling precinct but tomorrow you can vote at any precinct that’s open in your county.