There sure is a lot of love for Savannah.

Local activists with Emergent Savannah celebrated their one year anniversary tonight.

The engaging event’s theme:  “What I love about Savannah, and What I Dream about the city.”

From neighborhoods, children, the arts, and history… it seems everyone here has a love affair with Savannah, and they are focused on playing a key role in the city’s future.

So listen to the love.

“When I came to Savannah…Savannah took one look at me and she opened her arms, and she called me baby.”

“When visitors ask me what’s my favorite thing is here I say well you know we have great house museums, great urban forests, fine restaurants, and tempered weather.”

The neighborhoods, children, and the arts rank high on the lists of things many love about Savannah.

Emergent Savannah welcomes you to join the conversation at future Monday Means Community events.