SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – While Storm Team 3 Meteorologists are predicting minimal wintry weather in Savannah, local emergency officials are still advising people to prepare and stay cautious.

Officials at Chatham Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) are closely watching the forecast and have plans in place to respond if necessary. Leaders said their biggest concern is road conditions if rain freezes.

Assistant director Randall Matthews said that’s most likely to happen on bridges and overpasses.

“Make sure as you’re driving, you’re being extra cautious with things,” he said. “Making sure you’re leaving extra room behind vehicles in front of you and then just go a little bit slower and make sure you’re paying attention to the conditions of the roadway.”

Matthews said the agency is in coordination with surrounding areas and the Georgia Department of Transportation. The agency does have plans in place in the event that bridges or roads get too icy and have to close.

“It can look like just a little bit of moisture on the roadway but it could actually be black ice,” Matthews said. “So just pay attention, making sure you have both hands on the wheel.”

Georgia Power also has crews on standby in case there are power outages. A spokesperson said that could be a possibility if power lines freeze or are struck by a vehicle.

“You never know when the weather – especially here in Georgia – can change on the drop of a dime,” said spokesperson Chad Nation. “We just encourage you to take this time to prepare right now. Prepare for in the event that you will lose power. Have a plan, know what your family will do.”

Earlier this month, strong winds led to road hazards and power outages – highlighting the need for year-round weather preparedness.

“We have a lot of different threats in our particular area,” Matthews said. “But just making sure you have a way to receive alerts, having safe spaces in your home to go to can all be life-saving measures.”

With colder temperatures, officials also urge caution when heating your home. They say to keep anything flammable at least three feet away from any heaters and turn off space heaters when leaving home. If you do lose power and are using a generator, make sure to keep it outside.