Effingham County students go back to school


GUYTON, Ga. (WSAV) – Thousands of kids in Effingham County are in school Wednesday for the first time since summer vacation.

At Marlow Elementary School, it was the first day for around 810 grade-schoolers.

Principal Leslie Dickerson says staff members have been cleaning buildings and getting supplies ready for months. This morning, she told News 3 she is excited to get back into a routine.

Minutes before the bell rang, the school was packed with cars, cops, students, and parents waiting at the front doors.

“We got all our school shopping done beforehand,” said Rebecca McGeashy, a parent at the school.

“The first thing I’m excited about is trying a new school and being with one of my cousins,” said Armando Jiminez, a second-grader who just moved to the area from Connecticut.

Principal Dickerson says reading is the first thing on the to-do list.

“That’s the big focus for our county right now,” she said. “We’ve rocked math and we’ve done well in literacy, but definitely continuing to do well.”

The school’s report card says 66 percent of third-graders and 57 percent of sixth-graders had an average or above-average literacy rate.

87 percent of ninth-graders had an average or above-average literacy rate.

“The community members are our customers and we want to make sure we have that relationship, build that partnership,” said Effingham County School District Assistant Superintendent Dr. Yancy Ford.

“[We] make sure they have a high level of education for our students, so they can be successful when they graduate,” he said.

Dr. Ford says to be on the lookout for a new Bus Patrol Program. Organizers put cameras on the side of some busses to catch drivers who do not follow the law.

“We’re very proud of our county and the schools here. And that’s because of our community that’s very supportive. So the biggest change is that we will continue to grow,” said Dickerson.

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