Effingham County Sheriff’s Office investigates 18 car break-ins in 5 days


EFFINGHAM CO., Ga. (WSAV) – The Effingham County Sheriff’s Office (ECSO) is investigating 18 car break-ins in five days. Detectives said Monday that they need help from the public to determine who or what group of people is responsible for them.

Keeping his message to criminals short and to-the-point, ECSO Sergeant John Bradley, the detective on the case, demands they “stop” breaking into cars across the county.

“It’s very frustrating,” said Sgt. Bradley. “It leaves very little physical evidence. And it’s easy for people to lock their cars.”

Easy, but according to Sgt. Bradley, it is not happening as often as it should. He says criminals targeted unlocked cars all 18 times. 13 guns and several expensive personal items have been stolen.

“You have no sound of breaking glass. You have no sound of metal being pried open. They simply will go up to your house when you’re asleep and open your car door,” said the detective.

Sgt. Bradley says additional patrols are watching out for criminals. So far, they have hit Goshen Hills, Stonegate, Hunters Chase, Beaubrook, Griffin Lakes and Westbook Heights.

“At this point, they’re targeting upper middle class subdivisions — they’re going in these subdivisions at night — under the cover of darkness. They’re going vehicle to vehicle pulling on car doors,” said Sgt. Bradley.

He says residents can help by reporting anything suspicious to authorities. And of course, “lock your doors,” said Sgt. Bradley.

“Lock your cars at night. Remove any valuables, phones, guns… jewelry. At this point, they have not broken into any cars, they’ve just entered them, but locking them may not be enough,” he said.

If you notice anything suspicious, call the sheriff’s office at (912) 754-3449. You can text an anonymous tip to 847411.

Authorities also want you to check security and doorbell cameras for suspicious activity,

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