SCCPSS explains grading system after COVID-19 closes schools


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – The Savannah-Chatham County School System is making some changes to help manage the impact of extended school closures. The pandemic is changing how students are learning at home and how they will be graded for their final quarter.

SCCPSS is adapting to school closures by doing remote learning and using independent learning packets.

“The entire country is dealing with this issue,” SCCPSS Superintendent, Dr. Ann Levett said.

While the final nine weeks of learning will be done online the school board voted on a resolution Wednesday to suspend local requirements for promoting a student or holding them back. The district will use grades from the three quarters that are already recorded.

“As I read this if you’re pleased with your current grade you’re done with school,” District 1 School Board member, Julie Wade said.

“Students do have the opportunity to continue to work and they will still receive credit and if you were already passing then those grades that you are earning will help to enrich and improve your GPA,” Sheila Garcia-Wilder with SCCPSS said.

Students will continue to receive support from teachers but more focus will be on those who are struggling. The school board said this is not a perfect system but they had to find something that worked for all of their 37,000 students.

“We would be pretending like this is not different from the face to face learning, pretending that everybody is working well in the online platform and then have students be punished in the form of their grades because we’re pretending like this is not world-changing,” District 2 School Board member, Dr. Dionne Hoskins-Brown said.

While this is challenging the district says all students are still getting the opportunity to enhance their grades and will not be penalized.

“So we’re taking the approach of trying to do what we know is the best interest of all children, not necessarily those who have everything at their disposal,” Levett said.

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