SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – A local school may be getting the best Christmas present of the year: a $1 million grant — and it’s all thanks to golf.

Savannah Legacy Academy is a non-traditional, Christian-based school that prides itself on teaching children through hands-on learning and through the love of golf. This unique learning style has made it a semifinalist for the Yass Prize grant.

“We want to give that student back to that parent better than they gave that child to us,” said the school’s principal Dr. Morris Brown.

The Yass Prize celebrates the country’s education provider who best demonstrates the STOP principles. STOP stands for sustainable, transformational, outstanding and permissionless education.

Out of 2,200 applicants, 33 semifinalists were picked, and Savannah Legacy was among the names due to its innovative, hands-on approach to learning.

“Golf is our main focus because on the golf course, kids, they learn honesty, they learn integrity, they learn character, they learn how to be responsible, they learn how to be accountable and they learn how to accept failure when they fail,” Brown said. “What makes us so special is that we engage the whole kid.”

The principal says the school works with some of the most challenged students in the city, but hands-on learning has changed the way their students perform.

“We work with some of the most academically challenged kids in the city, but we work with the whole child and we engage them and golf is our main focus because what we learn on the golf course, they can bring into the classroom and that’s hands-on, they can carry through life,” Brown said.

“They bring all those core values into the classroom, they respect the teacher, they listen and they try to do their best with the work that the teacher gives them,” the principal continued. “That’s what hands-on is all about.”

All 33 semifinalists are running for an additional Parents Choice Award which is separate from the Yass award. That award will be chosen by you at home. The winner will receive an extra $100,000 to improve their school.

Savannah Legacy Academy says they will use the money to build a brand-new school/golf academy, which will house K through 12 instead of K through 8, what they currently house.

The winner and finalist will be announced in New York City on Dec. 13.