SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — The Savannah-Chatham County Public School System saw a big turnout for Wednesdays school board meeting because the parents’ bill of rights policy was on the agenda.

Many parents made their case on why they should have more involvement in their child’s education.

“As a dad with kids in this school system, we can’t have that,” a concerned parent, Mr. Davis said.

Parents expressed why they think the board should approve its “parents bill of rights” policy.

The policy would allow parents to review school records, instructional material and even the option to object to educational materials used in the classroom or recommended by a teacher.

Some parents have already objected to some of the books that are accessible to students through school libraries. 

“I’m still hearing things about these books that I know good and well I couldn’t take the images out of and put on a t-shirt and walk into these schools where these books are on the shelves,” Davis said. “I know I can’t.”

Most of the parents’ concerns during the school board meeting involved books having in-depth depictions of sex acts as well as the topic of gender identity.

“First and foremost, gender identity and becoming transgender is a topic that should only be introduced by a parent,” said Carol Miles, a teacher and parent. “As a teacher I certainly would never feel confident about talking to a child about this issue.”

“I deem them as obscene,” said Vicki Bardley, another concerned parent. “Definition of obscene is offensive, to accepted standards of decency, morally repulsive and disgusting. As they are in our schools, they’re words of the author and our 14-year-old 9th graders are reading these.”

Most parents questioned the school board about why books like that would be in public schools but not everyone in attendance saw it in the same light.

“Again, if you don’t like what your kids are going to learn. Please take that up with them individually,” said Mary Carmichael. “Do not make it so others cannot learn and be subjected to experiences and views different from your own.” 

The new parents bill of rights also gives parents the option to object to the schools’ sex education course.