‘One team, one goal’ SCCPSS Superintendent presents plans for upcoming school year


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Leaders in the biggest public school system in the Coastal Empire gathered Friday to talk about the upcoming school year.

In the 2019-2020 school year, the Savannah-Chatham County Public School System (SCCPSS) will focus on a student body of 38,000. Administrators gathered in New Hampstead High School on Friday to discuss expectations at what’s called the “New School year Convocation.”

More than 300 educators attended; a number that also includes volunteers and community partners.

There were several sessions for the event leading up to a keynote address by Superintendent Dr. Ann Levett, who touched on several areas as she tried to motivate her team.

“My administrators, the administrators in this district need to know we support them. They need to know we understand the complexities of running a school building and we want them to know that we are all focused on making sure that we not only support them, but we have a plan for moving forward,” Levett said. “It’s not something that they have to figure out. We’re here to support them.”

She also explained the roll-out of #oneteamonegoalstudentachievement. “When it comes to ‘one team, one goal, student achievement,’ what I mean is every one of us who is an employee, every one of us who is a community member, has a commitment to the future and they are part of that team that helps children move into the future safely,” Levett explained. “So it’s just one goal of the school district and that’s to improve student achievement,”

School Board President Dr. Joe Buck says the goal is maximizing the potential of every student in their system. “Student achievement is always the key and, ya’ know, we’ve done well in some spots. We still have some trouble spots we still need to do more work in. We, we are focused on those areas and ultimately we think it will be a successful year for everybody,” he said.

Nationally renowned leadership speaker, Stedman Graham, the long-time boyfriend of media maven Oprah Winfrey, was on hand to motivate the school system’s leadership, continuing his long-time relationship with Chatham County’s Public School System.

“Your community is only as good as the kids that grow up in that community to be successful,” Graham said. “I mean that’s, that’s how it works. You’re only as good as your community and it starts with young people. If you’re not working with youth development you’re not doing anything.”

He spoke with school administrators at closed sessions in the convocation event.

Chatham County’s students return to class on August 5, 2019. For more back-to-school information for SCCPSS, visit here.

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