Damaged roads lead to canceled bus routes/stops in Bulloch County & Evans County

Kemp signs law to improve school bus safety

STATESBORO, Ga. (WSAV) – Bulloch County Schools will be open Monday, but some students won’t be able to take the bus. Last week’s heavy rain damaged several roads, and many remain closed.

Here’s what the district said in a new release sent out Sunday night: “We understand that the heavy rains have affected some families more than others. School attendance is always a parent’s right and decision. When parents make the decision for their child to be absent from school for any reason, then when the child returns to school, the parent submits a written excuse as to the cause of the absence. Absences which the state of Georgia considers to be excused are listed in the Attendance Expectations area of the Bulloch County Schools Student Handbook . One of the reasons listed is “conditions rendering school attendance hazardous to student health or safety,” so this would refer to students in areas most affected by the heavy rain. Our school officials will always review parent notes and work with them to excuse legitimate absences.”

These are the roads for which school bus services have been suspended for Monday and until further notice:

  • Buie Driggers from Holloway to Bryant Still
  • Cox Futch at Peppercorn
  • 1737 Bryant Still to Stilson Leefield
  • Aycock Road
  • Wyatt Road to Black Creek Church Road
  • Newman Road
  • Honey Bowen Road at Ben Grady Collins
  • Arcola Road
  • Sinkhole at South Jo Dan
  • Macedonia
  • Miller Street Extension at 10 34
  • Riverview at Old River
  • Buie Driggers at J.R. Cribbs to 80 East
  • Old Portal Road below Moore Road to Denver Lanier
  • EC Hunnicut at Faith Deal to Metts Road
  • Old Donaldson Rd from Hwy. 67 to Red Hill Church
  • Homer Branch Road
  • Jackie Hart Road
  • Two Chop at Rocky Ford
  • Colbrook Lane off of John D. Lanier
  • Five Chop Road from Hwy. 24 to Zetwell Road
  • Brinson Road from Bell to Black Creek Church
  • Alex Knight Road from Slader Hagin to Pless Clifton
  • Hamilton Lane to Bill Simmons
  • Elmer Phillips Road from Harville to Carrinton
  • Sinkhole Road to Aden Lanier

Families on these roads have been notified

In Evans County, all dirt roads continue to be closed to traffic with the exception of residents. The Evans County School District says after conferring with the County Roads Department, alternate bus pickup sites have been created.

Parents are asked to have their children at the pickup site about 10 minutes earlier than they are normally picked up. If you have any questions, please call the Transportation Department at 912-739-3549.

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