STATESBORO, Ga. (WSAV) – The Hyundai Motor Group Metaplant America (HMGMA) has partnered with two local colleges to boost opportunities for students.

“Working hand in hand, we will create the best way to prosperity,” said Oscar Kwon, CEO and president of Hyundai America, “and imagine new innovation that inspires generations to come.”

Georgia Southern University and Ogeechee Technical College will work to expand programs and curricula related to electric vehicle manufacturing. In return, Hyundai is promising to go to these institutions for recruitment and hiring opportunities.

“It elevates our curriculum, our programs for our graduates to know that nearing graduation they’ll have internship opportunities with Hyundai, with Gulfstream with Georgia Power,” said Georgia Southern President Kyle Marrero, “all the partners we’ve always worked with, but now with Hyundai coming in, this opportunity for them to live, stay here, to be in Southeast Georgia, use their degree to an incredible career.”

In addition, with an agreement between Georgia Southern and Ogeechee Tech, it’ll be easier to transfer between the schools to get the program courses that students need.

Lori Durden, president of Ogeechee Tech, says their goal is to make the programs available by next fall.

“The potential is great, the challenge is great, but we’re certainly up to it and very excited about what the opportunity brings with Hyundai,” she said.