Savannah organization fundraises to help adults get GEDs, improve literacy


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – A local organization works year-round to give young adults a second chance at their high school education. This weekend, there’s an opportunity for you to get involved.

More than one million Georgians struggle with basic literacy skills. Future Minds Literacy and Adult Education, Inc. started up two years ago to help adults who dropped out of high school.

In these classes, they learn the basics so they can pass the GED exam and then hopefully move on to something greater.

Students who enroll are hoping to even the playing field.

“You get sick and tired of running you know, letting your addiction take over you,” said Rashena Grant. “Enough was enough.”

After losing her mom at a young age, Grant put school on the back burner.

Her addiction to alcohol took center stage until she met Zelonia Williams.

“She keeps telling us to push and not only is she our teacher but she like a family,” said Grant.

Williams teaches her students the basics of reading, writing, and math.

They learn at their own pace until they’re ready to take the GED exam.

“It’s so much bigger than the education component of it there are barriers there are issues that are pretty much keeping a lot of the students from continuing the class,” said Zelonia Williams, Executive Director of the Program. “There are a lot of barriers that are just keeping them from focusing, things of that nature.”

Williams takes a very personal approach in her classroom. She knows many students in her class fell through the cracks.

“For me, I look deeper at my students, I pay close attention to their handwriting,” said Williams. “Sometimes their handwriting tells a lot about a student I also pay attention to their actions, their attitude just leaving out of frustration things of that sort.”

The point of the program is to end the cycle. Williams said having classes on a college campus shows her students what’s possible.

“I see myself way past than what I saw myself before,” said Grant. “Becoming somebody that I thought I wasn’t”

Future Minds Literacy and Adult Education, Inc. believes it’s never too late to finish your GED. They’re hosting a Little Black Dress Cocktail Party on Saturday to help fund their outreach and education efforts.

It’s set to kick off at 7 p.m. at the Holiday Inn, located at 520 West Bryan Street. Women are encouraged to showcase their favorite black dresses and fun shoes, while men sport their best suit and tie.

From music and wine to a silent auction, it’s sure to be a great night for an awesome cause.

For more information on tickets or tables, visit Eventbrite here. Call Zelonia Williams at 912-596-1420 or email with any questions.

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