SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — The cost of college is dropping for around 340,000 students across Georgia. The university system of Georgia regents is doing away with a fee that began in 2009 — in exchange for a boost in state funding.

“This is the first time I’ve ever seen things be taken away, right,” says associate vice president of enrollment at Georgia Southern, Amy Smith. “And make things cheaper which is phenomenal for our students. Anything we can do to help make college affordable and more accessible for students and their families we are in support of.”

The price tag for college in Georgia is getting cheaper for incoming freshmen and returning students.
This week the university system of Georgia regents approved tuition and fee rates that will bring down the overall price tag nearly eight percent.students at Georgia Southern will benefit.

“It will impact students on all of our campuses,” said Smith. “The institutional fee did vary between campuses. Statesboro’s fee was a little higher than what our Armstrong and Liberty students experienced but it’s going away for all of them.”

incoming freshmen are expected to save thousands of dollars over the course of four years.

“That fee was $290 per fall and spring semester,” said Smith. “If a student was taking four or more credit hours for the Armstrong and Liberty campus it was $113 dollars.”

Meanwhile, Georgia Southern says it’s coming up with more ways to help students knock down the cost of an education.

“We’re partnering with an organization called scholarship universe and that’s linked on our financial aid website,” said Smith. “It allows students to look for scholarships they might be eligible for that we’ve already vetted. We also have lots of opportunities on campus for student employment. That’s money in their pocket to help support them on a daily basis.”