Experts recommending professional versus parental homework help


Parents in Chatham County are getting the first look at their children’s academic performance, as the first progress reports of the new school year were sent home on Friday.

If your child is not doing as well as you expected — you might think of helping them yourself. But some tutoring experts in Savannah say that might not be the best way to go when it comes to improving their grades.

Parental help can compound the problem — according to experts with the Royce Learning Center in Savannah. Ron Wilson is the Executive Director. 

“Oftentimes, we as parents are not up on the methodologies or approaches to be able to work effectively with our own children and often, our own children don’t want to listen to us,”  said Wilson. 

Sally Greenberg agrees, she’s the Tutoring Coordinator with Royce Learning Center.

“Your kids kind of know how to push your buttons and they know what to do to not make it a lot more difficult and so that puts a lot of stress on parents,”  Greenberg said.

Tutoring can make a big difference and Wilson says sooner is better than later when it comes to enlisting outside help to improve your child’s academics.

“Starting tutoring earlier in the school year will help students from falling behind, keep, and be able to keep pace with students in their class, especially if they have a learning disability or difficulty staying up with the subject matter,” said Wilson. He added that poor grades are a confidence killer for students. 

“They start to feel bad about themselves, so they begin to lose confidence and their self-esteem goes down and once that starts to snowball, it can only get worse as the school year progresses,” Wilson said.

Free one-on-one tutoring is hard to come by, but Greenberg says the Royce Learning Center offers the next best thing.

“We are very fortunate to be part of the United Way.  They do give us funding, along with other grants that our development person has been able to acquire. So because of that, we do offer scholarships,”  said Greenberg.

Wilson says another benefit of tutoring is that it’s private, so there’s no teasing for coming up with the wrong answer in front of their classmates.

Greenberg recommends at least two sessions a week to really see progress.

For more information on the Royce Learning Center, visit here.

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