SPRINGFIELD, Ga. (WSAV) – Classrooms in Effingham County schools will look a little different in the fall with the addition of new surveillance cameras.

The multi-million-dollar project placing cameras in every Effingham County School District (ECSD) classroom is one that’s worth every penny according to Superintendent Dr. Yancy Ford.

“I think bullying across the country is something that’s at the forefront with mental health, and in my opinion,” says Dr. Ford, “And in my opinion, if that camera in that classroom prevents one child from bothering another child, and it stops the bullying for that one student, in my mind the camera would be worth it.”

Parents News 3 spoke with are in agreement, saying the extra eye is needed.

“I would say that I’m ok with it,” says Esther, ECSD parent and mother of five.

“There’s a lot of scenarios that happen in classrooms that sometimes it depends on what other kids say, sometimes it depends on what teachers say. You can’t just believe everything that happens. It’s the same respect of police officers wearing body cams,” she adds.

But Dr. Ford says the feedback has not all been positive, and that some teachers are apprehensive.

“It’s very important for us to make sure that we send the message to teachers that in no way shape or form are we out to get someone or catch someone doing the wrong,” says Dr. Ford.

With teachers’ input, he says in the future the cameras may be used for instructional purposes.

“We have a lot of wonderful teachers that do a fantastic job, and my hope would be that we can recognize those teachers and ask them to be a part of helping other teachers develop their skills.”

Effingham County High School will be the first to get the cameras in the fall, then they’ll be rolled out to the middle school, then elementary schools.