Bulloch County NAACP calls for school superintendent’s termination


STATESBORO, Ga. (WSAV) – The Bulloch County NAACP is calling for Superintendent Charles Wilson’s termination.

“Wilson is not fulfilling his current contract to protect our students, faculty, and staff members within the Bulloch County system,” the organization shared in a press release Thursday. “The extended contract was approved by a majority of the Board of Education members, at an unprecedented time some 20 months before the contract was to be completed, and during a looming Coronavirus pandemic.”

Bulloch County Schools recently made headlines for its response to COVID-19 and its toll on educators. Wilson reportedly offered teachers his thanks through “a small gesture” of wearing jeans for the month of September.

Many criticized the move, saying the superintendent should be focused on mandating masks instead.

“Beyond this negative national attention, teachers consistently complain of his lack of leadership and fear of
retribution when an employee opposes Wilson’s decisions,” the NAACP stated. “Other concerns and alleged reasons given to terminate the contract have been his inconsistency in providing information for BOE members to make informed decisions, continued poor relations with local community, unwillingness to cooperate on health related issues, and irresponsible and inappropriate communication among teachers that contribute to low morale.”

The group cited a number of other issues, some that have perhaps been exacerbated by the pandemic, namely grades and staffing.

But the organization claims some problems were present even before COVID-19.

In June 2017, the NAACP apparently brought up concerns about Wilson’s leadership, pointing to low test scores and a lack of diversity among staff.

The group is now calling for a strategic academic plan and for Wilson’s contract — which was reportedly extended until 2024 — to end at present.

“Charles Wilson has failed to live up to the expectations of those in the community,” the NAACP stated. “His continued unwillingness and questionable decisions prevent any positive change the county requires in this pivotal moment.”

The superintendent declined to comment on the NAACP’s proposition.

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