BEAUFORT, S.C. (WSAV) — Battery Creek High School has a lot of new upgrades, including new technology, enhanced security and a few athletic improvements.

The district spent more than $56 million to transform the school. That money coming from the Beaufort County School Districts’ 2019 referendum.

“A complete overhaul of our learning spaces. We’ve got upgrades throughout the building for HVAC, technology, security,” said Denise Lessard, Battery Creek High School Principal. “But then our science labs have been completely renovated. Our career and tech programs have been expanded. We have a brand new ROTC suite and fine art suite.”

Zoe Way is the student body class president. Her first three years at the school were a bit different – as the whole school was under construction.

“Getting to be here through the entire process has definitely been a journey and a challenge. But to see all of these wonderful new facilities being used, especially by our students, has been a really great thing to witness and is really feels like a full circle moment,” Way said.

Principal Lessard is proud of how the students and teachers handled it.

“I just am so grateful for my parents, my students, my faculty and staff. They have been so flexible, so patient. It is a beast. Any school leader who has been through a renovation project while you’re still in the building can empathize with what kind of struggles and challenges that presents.”

Also getting a lot of improvements are the bathrooms and the gym. Zoe says starting the day off with a new nice school – will put a smile on everyone’s face.

“The bathrooms I’m so excited for. The bathrooms are so nice. Also, the weightlifting room is really great,” Way said. “Just in general, having a new clean space for everybody to come into is just a great foundation for everybody to start their day off.”