SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — It’s Labor Day Weekend in the Hostess City.

That means crowds as far as the eye can see, stretching from City Market all the way down to River Street. This proves to be a welcomed sign for many businesses looking to make the most of the added foot traffic.

“You know that this is coming up, you know the holiday is coming up so you have to plan for it. It’s all about planning, it’s all about making sure you stock up enough so that you don’t have issues where you’re short-staffed, or where people or calling out, so you just have to plan ahead honestly. You know Labor Day’s coming, everybody knows it, so it’s just planning ahead,” said Oveigh Mcarthur, Manager at Vic’s River Grill.

Many downtown businesses WSAV spoke to said they’re able to make up for months of so-so sales just by preparing accordingly for a busy holiday weekend.

“Especially because we’re a local store, we’re a super small business and definitely family-owned, this drums up a lot of online business for us because we get a lot of tourists on river street, so this drummed up probably double our entire last month’s sales just from the weekend online,” explained Savannah Grove, Manager of Nourish’s River Street Location.

With many out-of-towners planning to stay in the Coastal Empire throughout Labor Day Weekend, businesses are prepping for more of the same until Tuesday.

Which put an added emphasis on the brunch and pre-dinner hours.

“Even just from me being here, you know, I live here so I know the times that people come out. So roughly you have like brunch time, and of course, you have times where people are going to come back out when it’s a little cooler, it’s a little hot right now, so I’d say probably about 5 o’clock people are gonna be coming out around that time for drinks and stuff,” Mcarthur said.