Its a very tough part of the job for any officer or deputy, dealing with a domestic violence call and the victims left behind.

But two Savannah-Chatham Metro Police officers were honored today for how they have gone above and beyond.

Officer James Hurst and Cpl. Alycia McLemore were each named Domestic Violence Officer of the year by the Chatham county district attorney’s office.

McLemore was honored for her year-long efforts fighting this crime, Hurst for one special moment caught on camera.

“I was just trying to be there for the child not as a officer but as a person as a dad,”

explained SCMPD Ofc. James Hurst. “I have two small children, one a seven year old with down syndrome, so ive been in and out fo the hospital with him.  I knew he needed somebody and i was there.”

“These domestic violence victims don’t ask for this,” said SCMPD Cpl. Alycia McLemore. “The reason they suffer is because they love the wrong person. We just want to make sure they get the justice they deserve.”

The officers were chosen by a panel of the investigators and prosecutors at the Chatham County District Attorney’s Office.