Doctors discuss ‘maskne’, skin issues developing due to wearing masks


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SAVANNAH, G.a. (WSAV) – Concerns are rising as people start to develop skin issues as a result of wearing face masks.

The coined term “maskne” refers to the facial acne and skin related issues many people are experiencing as mask mandates form across the nation.

“I wondered why it was all in one area on my chin because I’ve never had the problem before and then I realized it was probably from wearing this mask at work all day,” says Elizabeth Oulette, who has since developed facial acne.

Doctors say there are many reasons for developing acne from facial coverings and explain the different ways you can prevent it.

“One of the reasons is mechanical friction, and another reason is all that moisture is developing around the face and all that moisture and heat is causing inflammation in the area,” says Dr. Reagan Anderson.

They say with temperatures increasing daily, you are likely to notice your skin becoming more oily and irritated.

“We see mechanical acne because it just rubs and there is all that extra sweat and makeup grounded in the mask so the most important thing to do is wash your face and wash your mask.”

It’s recommended that you wear a lighter material face mask in warmer weather and switch them out at least twice a day.

Doctors suggest washing your face and masks daily. They recommend using fragrant-free detergent and warm water. The cleaner you keep both your face and mask, the less likely you are to develop skin issues.

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