Do you know what that cheap airline ticket is really going to cost you?


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – If you have been to an airport lately you may have found out that cheap ticket you were excited about ended up costing you in terms of fees. Airlines are charging fees for checked bags and even carry on bags.

“I’m flying Delta airlines and there’s a $30 charge to check my bag and that is just one way so it’s $60 total,” said Laura Doten who had spent some time with friends vacationing in Savannah. “It’s a little excessive considering I already paid for my flight.”

A new study from Ideaworks says revenue from add-on purchases like baggage fees, snacks and even extra legroom topped $35 billion last year.

Jack Gillis from the Consumer Federation of America says “when people are shopping for airfare they need to take that extra step to see how much it costs to actually reserve a seat, check a bag and even have a snack.”

Daniel Evans and his wife Georgia who are from Philadelphia decided to honeymoon in Savannah. The name “Georgia” had something to do with it, according to the new Mrs. Evans.

However, the couple was surprised when hit with so many fees at the airport, i.e. for checking luggage and having carry on bags.

“It was at least about 150 bucks for the two bags and then the carry-ons I think were about 30 bucks apiece,” said Mr. Evans.

He showed me his paperwork that said the tickets had cost $74 and the fees were a whopping $278. “The cheap fare wasn’t so cheap afterall,” he told us.

“Airline consumers should be prepared for sticker shock when they get to the airport,” said Gillis. “Extra fees can make that low price that you signed up for on the Internet suddenly become a bad value.”

Gillis says simply don’t book that ticket until you know all of your costs. “So it’s really important that consumers check all of the costs associated with their particular airline.”

Gillis says at this juncture, it’s unlikely that airlines will roll back the fees. He says that’s why consumers can’t go blindly to the airport. He says you need to know what the ticket plus the fees is going to cost you.

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