DEVELOPING: MCA Football coach under indictment


News 3 has learned that Robby Robinson, head football coach at McIntosh County Academy, was indicted by a grand jury on 3 charges Thursday.

Robinson, who led MCA to the state finals this year, faces a 2nd Degree Felony Cruelty to Children charge, and two misdemeanors, for Hazing and Reckless Conduct.

Robby Robinson MCA Football coach is under criminal indictment

The indictment connects the charges to Jimmie Ellison, a former Junior Varsity football player who Robinson is accused of not protecting from hazing incidents at the school.

“Cruel and excessive…physical and mental pain”.

That’s just some of the words that pop off the page in the indictment of MCA coach Robby Robinson.

The things that the coach allegedly allowed to happen to a 16 year old football player.

He now faces felony cruelty to children charges as well as misdemeanor hazing and reckless conduct.

The grand jury indictment goes on to say Robinson didn’t prevent the hazing of Jimmie Ellison, a 16 year old Junior Varsity football player. Robinson “disregarded the risks” and allowed “Ellison to suffer from “violent physical contact”.

That boy according to some reports could be one of at least three students injured in possible MCA football hazing rituals.

The GBI tells News 3 the investigation is ongoing.

But Robinson isn’t the only one facing sanctions.

MCA Principal Barry Lollis was recently reassigned to the school system’s alternative school. A change which was apparently connected to this investigation.

Lollis claims this started when he asked questions about money coming through the sports program and booster club.

News 3 has learned Lollis has faced issues before, both at Windsor Forest High School and at Putnam County High School where he was under fire from both parents and school officials.

Indictment of Robby Robinson:ROBBY ROBINSON indictment

In a statement from McIntosh County Superintendent John Barge, he says:

“This has been a very difficult and trying year for McIntosh County Schools. As this is an ongoing personnel matter, I am not at liberty to discuss it. However, now that this decision has come, I am ready to move forward and focus our energy, efforts and resources on educating the children of McIntosh County and not on the actions of adults.”

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