Democratic Voters gathered in Okatie, SC to watch part two of the Democratic Debates


It was a packed house at Las Palmas Restaurant in Okatie filled with Democratic Supporters anticipating the platforms of 10 Presidential Hopefuls.

Many of the voters News 3 spoke with were excited to hear the candidates including former Vice President Joe Biden and Former 2016 Presidential Candidate, Bernie Sanders.

“We have some folks that supported Bernie Sanders last time in 2016. They’re still supporting Bernie and a lot of them have shifted to Warren. Biden has been very consistent with the number of supporters and we’re still seeing that here,” said Bob Donelson.

Some of the voters looking to the candidates as potential presidents and others looking to them as potential cabinet members.

“These 21 or 24 candidates will make great cabinate officials. We need a cabinet besides a presidential candidate too and a Vice President,” said Donelson.

Other voters say they’re excited about the next Democratic Debates.

“This is a good start. We had a hundred people here. They are excited to hear and see which one will be our nominee so this is provoking every party, every county, engagement and excitement.”

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