SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) — Construction on Dean Forest Rd. is causing concern among businesses that call the roadway home.

Drivers aren’t the only ones affected by the Dean Forest construction. A local restaurant that sits right on this road says her business has been impacted in a negative way.

Ronnie’s Restaurant has been a staple in the community for 40 years, but over the last year construction has put the popular business in jeopardy of shutting down. 

Restaurant owner, Linda Moran says she has experience staff shortages as well as loss of income.

 “Uh, this started the beginning, it was supposed to start in 2019, but because of covid, it was pushed back along with other things, and it actually started the beginning of 2022, and since then we’ve constantly been dropping customers and sometimes we’re down as much of 100 or more a day. We’ve had to increase our hours, we’ve had to cut back on staff because the money just isn’t coming in”. Moran said.

Moran brought the restaurant in 2019 shortly after the original owner passed away. Her main focus right now is to keep this beloved restaurant up and running.

Moran said, “We’re going to hang in there as long as we can. I mean i’m sure we’re gonna make it, but it’s very disheartening because we want to keep up Mr. Ronnie’s legacy. He had this dream back in the 80’s, and we’re trying to do him justice, and we just want to survive”.

Jill Nagel, District Communications Officer for the Georgia Department of Transportation released a statement and it says 

Georgia DOT understands the temporary inconvenience that roadway construction can cause. The Georgia DOT is using innovative delivery methods to expedite the construction of this project and give the roadway back to the community”.

Moran hopes construction will end sooner rather than later and says a little assistance will help the restaurant go a long way.

 “The state really needs to help out. Businesses that are affected by this. I understand that it is progress, and it does have to happen, but give us a little bit of compensation, help us out a little bit because with the recession and all the other things that are going on with the world some of us just need a little bit of help”. Moran said.