Day care centers see surge in families seeking support


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Thousands of day care centers shut down during the pandemic are now back open, but now they face another challenge. Facilities say there is a surge of families seeking child care support now that working parents are heading back into the work place.

“Parents are calling in and there’s a waiting list but we’re not able to accommodate them because we are short staffed,” Harriett Williams the owner of Renee’s Kids World, described.

Millions of Americans will be on waitlists this year trying to get child care support. Williams said about 20 families are on a list for her facility in Savannah.

“Every day care provider I’ve spoken with, all of my constituents they’re having the same problem. They’re short staffed and they’re not able to accommodate the children that they have the capacity for because of that,” Williams explained.

The day care owner said it is putting both working parents and local businesses, shuttering service from staffing shortages, in a bind.

“It’s causing them to not be able to go to work and it’s causing the businesses to not be able to have the staff that they need because the parents don’t have child care. A lot of them are turning to families but it’s not consistent, what they need is full time care. Someone they can rely on for Monday through Friday or whatever days they work and they’re no able to find that,” Williams added.

The child care professional said the best part of her day is seeing the smiles on the faces of the kids in her care, adding her concern for the families who depend on care to make ends meet but are now struggling to get it.

“It’s important today that these children get everything they need to be successful,” the owner said.

Williams believes that success hinges on education centers having the staff they need.

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