Crowdsourcing care: Supportful offers more than money


(NBC News) A new crowdsourcing platform is providing help beyond financial donations.

Nicholas Emerson Mazzone founded Supportful after experiencing the rigorous life of a 24-hour-a-day caregiver for his father before he passed away from cancer.

“We also had to build a ramp, my dad was in a wheel chair, so a lot of supplies that were needed, in addition to we needed meals. We needed groceries,” he recalls.

Supportful serves as an online coordination point for both those needing help or just wanting to  help.

“People can get whatever help or their needs are,” Emerson Mazzone says, “So it is not limited to just fundraising. They get get items, actual supplies, meals, groceries…as well as help from neighbors and help around the house.”

Unlike other crowdsourcing efforts, Supportful does not charge for use of its website, but instead relies on donations from its users.


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