COLUMBIA, SC (WSPA) – A Senate Education subcommittee held its second meeting to discuss a bill that would bar critical race theory instruction in K-12 classrooms in South Carolina.

Wednesday morning, critics sounded off on the proposal and said this is not taught in South Carolina classrooms.

According to Greenville County educator Sarah Poole, the legislation would likely have a chilling effect on the education profession. Poole said it would push away current and future educators, “Given the onus placed on them to adhere to vague and burdensome language. Coupled with the threat of certificate suspension or revocation.”

Some of the requirements of the bill include prohibiting the teaching that someone is ‘inherently privileged, racist, sexist or oppressive’.

No supporters of the bill provided testimony Wednesday but did speak to the panel during their previous meeting.

Kourtney O’Hara with Moms for Liberty-South Carolina said students would still be able to learn about topics like slavery if the bill became law. According to the legislation, fact-based discussion of controversial aspects of history is not prohibited.

O’Hara said, “We need the act passed to protect our kids and protect the teachers who want to educate our children. You have to ask yourself if someone is against fact-based teaching and transparency, what lies are they afraid our parents and community will find out?”

The legislation passed the South Carolina House in February with an 83-24 vote along party lines. The subcommittee did not take any action on the bill Wednesday.