Working women bearing the brunt of the pandemic in terms of their mental health


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Working women are feeling the heavy toll of the pandemic in terms of their mental health and enthusiasm for their job.

The information is part of a report from Deloitte which says that 75 percent of those surveyed said their workloads have increased during the pandemic. More job and household responsibilities resulted in a 35-point drop in mental health.

“There been too much expectation that you’re going to do the home schooling and do the chores and pay the bills and you’re doing all these things and then you’re going to work from home 100 hours a week and it’s all going to be fine,” said Mary Jo Horton, who is the manager of Behavioral Health at Memorial Health.

Horton says many women are overwhelmed.

“I think our mental health has probably been suffering to a greater extent than we’ve been admitting,” said Horton. “But I think under the microscope of the pandemic and all of the other changes that we’ve had no choice but to say it.”

While the pandemic has been isolating she says there are ways to get help if you want it.

“I think many times we don’t want to ask for help because then we feel like we’re being a failure at something and if we ask for help we feel like a failure so we just kind of begrudgingly move along,” she said. “But when women are suffering, men are suffering, children are suffering and workplaces are suffering.”

The report also said that motivation at work dropped 29 points for women in this last difficult year.

Horton says she understands the fatigue and also the reluctance some women may have to return to the workplace, especially if their duties at home don’t east up. But she believes women add many positives things to workplace and she hopes many will figure out how to return and succeed.

“I think that we will find a way women paved the road for other women to be able to work outside of the home,” said Horton.

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