SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — The omicron variant could already be in Georgia — that’s the word from Coastal Health District Health Director, Dr. Lawton Davis.

Dr. Davis discussed the variant during Fridays Chatham County Commission Meeting.

“We would all be foolish to think that it’s not in Georgia although we’ve not documented it here,” Dr. Davis said.

According to Data, some of the first known cases in the US were detected in full vaccinated individuals.

“It appears that it is more contagious than the delta variant,” says Dr. Davis.

Health experts say it’s not yet known how effective the vaccine will be against this new variant.

“It’s conceivable that the antibodies induced by the vaccine will be less effective, again we don’t know yet,” Davis said.

Still, medical professionals say getting vaccinated is the best protection against COVID-19, especially when it comes to staying out of the hospital.

“With the threat of a new variant reaching our community, I encourage all who can safely receive COVID-19 vaccination to do so. Anyone who qualifies for a booster should do so now. This is how we can keep our communities healthy through the upcoming holiday season,” said Dr. Stephen Thacker in a statement to WSAV.

Medical experts say many of those infected with omicron are seeing slightly different symptoms.

“It appears, that at least initially the cases, the symptomology is a little bit different, the presentation, it may be that it’s a milder illness,” says Dr. Davis.

Because of the unknowns, health experts say it’s best to take precautions.