USCB students working with school to keep campus COVID-19 free


BLUFFTON, S.C. (WSAV) – The University of South Carolina Beaufort is also dealing with cases of coronavirus.

The Sand Sharks women’s soccer team is quarantined after eight people, including one player on their campuses, tested positive for the virus.

Now, the the school and students are working together stop the spread.

“People are holding other people accountable especially to make sure we can stay,” said Olayah Safouan, a USCB Student Government leader.

That’s the goal of everyone here at USCB.

The signs are all over campus serve as simple reminders to wear a mask, keep social distance, of what to do walking to the dorm, going in buildings, or in the class itself.

The classrooms are at 30% capacity, with everyone inside taking notes in their mask, a few desks apart.

While it appears safe, students still say it’s scary to be back on campus.

“You don’t know if they got tested and if they are positive and if they told anybody,” says Safouan. “They could have kept the results to themselves. We hope they are being honest so we get to stay here at school.”

Not just getting to school, but staying here all semester without any major issues or outbreaks.

“It’s just vital we can have some human interaction and in-person contact because its just more helpful that way,” said Drew Boutilier, USCB Student President.

That’s why the student government made several videos about the right way to do everything, even in the cafeteria.

But as president Drew Boutiler says, everyone needs to step up for safety.

“Not being afraid to hold your peers accountable like yeah we all are the same age and like to do the same thing,” says Boutiler. “But just not being afraid to say hey pull up your mask or sanitize or move a little bit away from me to make sure you are comfortable and everyone around you is comfortable.”

While they call it “different” on campus, morale is higher, masks are more frequent and students are able to focus more on classes, not COVID-19.

“It might not be easier, but we are getting used to what we have to do,” said Safouan.

The school is finished with “mass testing”, where only eight students out of more than 1,500 on three campuses tested positive, but it isn’t done protecting students.

USCB is teaming up with Beaufort Memorial for an on-site kiosk to make sure any student who feels ill or might need a test can get one.

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