Savannah woman finds ways to laugh while battling COVID-19


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – As a Savannah woman battles the novel coronavirus, she says being able to make others smile has kept her going.

First, Miki Skelton lost her sense of taste and smell. Then the fever, cough and shortness of breath quickly followed a day or so later.

“It was a classic textbook COVID case, but it just happened to somebody who is pretty healthy, doesn’t take any medications,” said Skelton.

She said she first began noticing these issues and immediately got a test for COVID-19 at an Urgent Care and her general practitioner.

By the time one of the tests came back positive a few days later, she was on her way to Memorial Health in Savannah because she was having severe difficulty breathing.

Still, her biggest concern was about her son who had been with her the last few days.

“You know, my son FaceTimed me last night and he keeps counting down the days,” said Skelton. “He goes, ‘Okay Mommy, just this many more days,’ and I say, ‘All right baby,’ and then he says, ‘And then I can kiss you.'”

Skelton was hospitalized for six days and was treated with a combination of azithromycin and hydroxychloroquine, the latter being the antimalarial drug treatment being tested across the country.

While trying to recover, Skelton admits there was a hard emotional toll on her.

“As a positive patient, you kind of feel like there’s a scarlet letter on your chest,” she said.

As a way to work through it all, Skelton added another thing to her treatment — laughter.

“They had put a little orchid on my food that morning so I put it on my orange juice and, you know, drew on the whiteboard in front of me and said, ‘Beach day for me,'” Skelton said, adding, “You know, I just really enjoy making people laugh.”

She says she was a class clown when she was younger. Being able to make others smile during this difficult time means the world to her.

“It is a crazy world that we’re living in right now,” said Skelton. “But we can still laugh about the silly little things that happen.”

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