(NEXSTAR) – The CDC’s latest guidance might suggest that fully vaccinated Americans can feel safe removing their face coverings in certain indoor settings, but that doesn’t mean they can ditch their masks entirely.

As outlined by the CDC, mask requirements remain in places where federally mandated, such as public transportation or hospitals, and wherever required by state, local, tribal, or territorial laws or regulations. But mask mandates may also remain as dictated by business owners or retail stores, and, as such, a number of major retailers have clarified or revised their own mask policies following the CDC’s latest guidance.

Confused about where you can or can’t ditch your mask? Here’s a list of national retail outlets that are keeping their mask mandates in place, and others that have relaxed their rules for fully vaccinated* guests, where state and local laws allow.


Albertsons Companies, which include supermarkets such as Albertsons, Vons, Jewel-Osco and Safeway, among others, are still requiring masks of all guests and associates.


Aldi supermarkets are not currently requiring masks of fully vaccinated guests. As of May 26, Aldi employees who have been fully vaccinated will also not be required to wear face coverings to work.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond is currently keeping its mask mandate for “all customers and associates” at the present time.

Best Buy

Fully vaccinated Best Buy employees and customers no longer need to wear masks in-store, but employees who work in peoples’ homes — such as those on the “Geek Squad” — will still be required to wear them off-site.

Big Lots

Big Lots no longer requires fully vaccinated customers or associates to wear masks in its stores.

BJ’s Wholesale Club

BJ’s is no longer requiring fully vaccinated customers to wear masks in-store; team members who are fully vaccinated may also remove their masks. Vaccinated or not, however, all customers and staff must still wear face coverings inside the stores’ optical departments, “since they are a healthcare setting.”


CVS confirmed that fully vaccinated guests no longer need to wear masks in-store. Employees are still required to wear face coverings.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick’s Sporting Goods is not requiring fully vaccinated guests to wear masks in its stores, according to its current COVID response webpage.

Dollar General

Dollar General locations are not requiring masks of fully vaccinated customers, employees or vendors.


H-E-B supermarkets are still requiring masks of customers and employees. “Nothing has changed” since the latest update to its policy in March, a representative for the company confirmed.

Home Depot

Fully vaccinated customers or associates at Home Depot stores no longer need to wear face coverings in-store.


IKEA no longer requires fully vaccinated customers to wear masks. “However, we still encourage customers to wear masks to protect the unvaccinated population,” IKEA noted in a recent update.


JCPenney is not requiring fully vaccinated customers or associates to wear masks in most departments. However, “JCPenney Salon, JCPenney Optical, and JCPenney Portraits Studio will still require a mask for both the customer and associate regardless of vaccination,” the company notes.


At Kohl’s, “fully vaccinated customers are welcome to shop with or without a mask,” the company confirmed.


After initially sticking by their mask policy, the Kroger Family of Companies — which collectively operate thousands of grocery stores under different banner brands — Kroger is allowing fully vaccinated customers to shop without a mask. Fully vaccinated employees, other than those that work in the pharmacy or clinic locations, also no longer need to wear face coverings.


Lowe’s decided to “align with the CDC’s new guidance” and no longer require masks of fully vaccinated customers.


Facial coverings are not required of fully vaccinated customers at Macy’s, although they are still recommended.


Publix supermarkets are not requiring fully vaccinated persons to wear masks inside its stores.

Rite Aid

Rite Aid’s latest policy continues to mandate masks for customers and staff.

Ross Stores

Ross discount department stores are continuing to require masks of guests and employees, per its latest online policy.


“Given the CDC’s updated guidance … Target will no longer require fully vaccinated guests and team members to wear face coverings in our stores, except where it’s required by local ordinances,” Target announced on May 17.

Trader Joe’s

Fully vaccinated customers at Trader Joe’s are no longer required to wear masks, a representative for the outlet confirmed.

TJ Maxx

The TJX Companies, which own TJ Maxx as well as HomeGoods and Marshall’s, among other discount outlets, is still requiring masks of all customers and staff.


Walgreens is not requiring masks of fully vaccinated customers, but associates are still required to wear face coverings to work.


Customers and employees at Walmart — as well as those of its Sam’s Club warehouse outlets — are not required to wear masks if fully vaccinated.  

*According to the CDC, an individual is considered fully vaccinated two weeks after receiving their second dose of Pfizer or Moderna, or two weeks after a single-dose vaccine, such as the Johnson & Johnson Janssen vaccine.