Local security company offers free high quality cameras during COVID-19 crisis


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – A Savannah business is helping keep the community safe during these uncertain times. They’re installing cameras for local businesses for free. High quality cameras are being placed in different locations throughout local business corridors in order to provide clear coverage of their facilities while they’re currently not in business.

“One it’s no cost and two people are getting worried,” scDataCom Founder and COO, Alaina Ford said.

scDataCom is launching their newest initiative early installing two cameras that will cover nine businesses along Bull Street.

“This program is rooted in the idea of community and what you can do for your neighborhood not what you can do for yourself,” Ford said.

High quality cameras will be placed to provide a closer look at what’s going on now that some have closed their doors due to COVID-19.

“Some of them are already customers and some of them are just in areas we care about as community members and we wanted to do what we can to help them get through this unprecedented economic tragedy,” Ford said.

Kelly Temple owns Temple Day Spa. She’s a new business owner who opened just weeks before this crisis hit and decided to close to keep her clients safe.

“I didn’t have anybody guiding me on what to do. Nobody said to close spas everybody was talking about restaurants,” Temple said.

She’s now holding on to the little bit of money she has left to keep her business going.

“I mean it’s going to run out I cant exactly put a pinpoint on it,” Temple said.

She said she’s very grateful though now to have a new system watching over what’s she’s built for herself.

“I have cameras here, but it’s kind of this thing where cool I have this camera and I see someone breaking in and then what do I do from there?” Temple said.

The security cameras provide better quality and it’s something Temple’s been needing after recent break-in’s in the neighborhood.

“The majority of these store fronts are glass which are especially vulnerable,” Ford said.

“So the front of my building being all windows and being a new business yeah I feel a little targeted especially not being here as often now because of everything going on,” Temple said.

Ford said instead of letting the equipment sit in storage she’d rather help give business owners peace of mind.

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