Local grocery store offering curbside delivery during coronavirus outbreak


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – The coronavirus outbreak isn’t just changing the way we interact with one another, it’s also changing the way we buy groceries.

Brighter Day grocery store’s staff is wearing gloves, sanitizing surfaces almost constantly, and now, working on teams in alternating shifts.

“So, the idea is if somebody starts exhibiting symptoms, their whole team goes home,” owner Kristen Russell said. “We sanitize and then another team comes in.”

Russell says soon, the store may limit how many people can come in the store at one time as an extra precaution. Brighter Day has also started doing curbside delivery of groceries, so customers don’t have to go inside at all.

“So we don’t even need to come in contact with you, which is very sad, but hopefully will end soon. For now, I just think it’s really the best way to do things,” Russell said.

Russell also owns Sentient Bean, a coffee shop nearby. She is encouraging her customers there to enjoy curbside orders as well.

Russell says she feels a big responsibility to the community, especially the established customers at Brighter Day, because people may need food more than ever.

“The idea is we’re trying to prolong the possibility of staying open and safely operating as long as possible,” Russell said.

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