Local couple’s ‘Bubble Up’ campaign encourages people to stay at home


TYBEE ISLAND, Ga. (WSAV) — A local couple recently started a campaign to remind people of the importance of staying at home during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Lea and Nate Lynch are no strangers to helping their fellow Tybee neighbors; their 7-year-old daughter, Dorothy, came up with the Sting Stopper kit last summer to aid people suffering from jellyfish stings.

In 2019, Lea and her children also took part in the “Refill Holes” campaign to encourage beachgoers to fill any holes they dug up to protect sea turtles. 

Now, the family is coming together once again to help their community reduce the spread of the new virus.

Tybee Island resident Lea Lynch poses with buttons from her “Bubble Up Now” campaign. (Image courtesy of Lea and Nate Lynch)

Their “Bubble Up Now” campaign aims to put a positive spin on the sometimes confusing concept of “social distancing,” the couple tells WSAV.com NOW — via video interview, of course, in the spirit of keeping safe distances.

They prefer the phrase “physical distancing.”

“The term ‘social distancing’ is complex and a little difficult to understand, and we wanted to come up with a simpler term that people could start sharing with one another,” said Lea.

To “bubble up,” she explained, is to put a protective bubble around yourself and others. 

“And you, most importantly, stay at home!” Lea said.

The couple stresses that their intent is not to make light of the dangerous new coronavirus pandemic impacting several countries. Instead, they aim to offer a lighter approach to the concept of having to stay indoors for extended periods in order to save lives.

“Quite often, we don’t understand the impact of how one of us staying at home affects everything in the long term, and I think that’s what we’ve learned reading all of the information from the various health organizations, is that you can do this and make a huge impact,” Nate said.

“If you stay at home, it’s exponentially beneficial to everyone else, even if you aren’t in the high-risk category,” he said.

A key part of the “Bubble Up Now” campaign is the teal and white buttons Lea and Nate created. 

There’s a button with a heart symbol; one that says “Bubble Up!”; a “6 ft.” button to remind people to keep at a safe distance; and a newly released “Stay home, y’all!” button. 

The Lynches told WSAV.com NOW that the buttons are symbols of solidarity — ways to spread awareness and represent their commitment to keeping themselves and others safe.

“Part of what I like about our ‘6 ft.’ button is if you do bump into someone who’s forgotten about the importance of this, you can point to your button and gently remind them to respect your bubble and keep yourself and them safe at the same time,” Lea said.  

Sales from the buttons will go toward providing support for the elderly and those needing help during what may be a difficult time, the Lynches say.

Their Bubble Up Now campaign also includes a way for kids to get involved.

Dorothy Lynch holds up a photo of a person in the Tybee community she wants to protect by “bubbling up”. (Image courtesy of Lea and Nate Lynch)

The campaign site has a free printable activity that allows kids to draw and color a person they want to protect in their “bubble.”

“We want everyone to encourage kids to think about nurses, doctors, first responders, other helpers in the community who are not just family and friends,” Lea said. 

“I think it’s a way for us to talk to kids in a way that makes sense to them,” Nate added.

Learn more about Lea and Nate Lynch’s “Bubble Up Now” campaign and how you can get involved by visiting here.

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