Local company provides onsite vaccinations for businesses and schools


SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – For some, the struggle to get a COVID-19 vaccine shot comes down to time and convenience. It’s not always easy to make it to a clinic during work hours.

But one local company is helping to change that.

“Convenience, we definitely need it. I was excited about it,” says JCB North America Employee Evelyn Ruff. She says getting vaccinated at work will definitely help her personal life.

“My mom and my dad are both at risk, so I travel back and forth to see them,” Ruff said. “They’re getting the shot, and so I thought I need to get it as well.”

Ruff is one of about 150 workers getting vaccinated on-the-job at JCB North America in Pooler, thanks to the on-site vaccination clinic hosted by Coastal Care Partners and My Nurse Now.

“We’ve done over 10,000 injections at our Skidaway Clinic out at The Landings, and now we’re starting to hear more and more businesses want us to bring the vaccine to them,” says Coastal Care Partners co-founder Scott Pierce.

Setup for an on-site clinic is usually pretty easy. JCB converted its large cafeteria to accommodate Thursday’s clinic. The company even offered financial incentives to employees wanting to get the shot.

“If you can’t get on a list, or you’re struggling with a line, you can come here on your scheduled day, get back to work in roughly 20-30 minutes… very convenient,” says JCB’s Vice President of Human Resources Tonya Poole.

These clinics aren’t just limited to businesses. Coastal Care Partners is also going into schools to vaccinate students, 16 and older, who are now eligible. Local businesses or schools interested in learning more about an onsite vaccination clinic can contact Coastal Care Partners at 912-999-1967

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