Home schooling offers pandemic education alternative


(NBC News) – The coronavirus pandemic has spurred big changes in how we live, work and learn.
A growing number of parents are exploring alternate paths for their child’s education.
“A lot of them were feeling frustrated and home-schooling as an option puts them in more of the director’s seat,” says Elissa Wahl, founder of the Rise Education Resource Center.
The National Home School Association says they are receiving as many as 3,400 requests for information each day. 
Meagan Tauber “roadschools” her two children while traveling about five months out of the year.
“They haven’t read about history from textbooks so much as they have walked a mile in historical footsteps,” Tauber says.
She uses national parks as a classroom to teach about history and science, not just to her own children, but to students around the world through a virtual platform called Outschool.
Similar to the structure of AirBnB, the teachers set their own classes, prices and schedule, with live support and interaction with students.
Outschool also has a free version of it’s platform for those going through financial hardship.
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