SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – A local business is responding to Governor Brian Kemp reopening non-essential businesses. Non-essential businesses across Georgia will reopen their doors Friday after being closed for weeks due to the coronavirus. New Era Hair Studio is among those businesses who are itching to get back to work but they’ll do that with COVID-19 still in mind.

“I’m excited about reopening my business of course but we have so far to go,” New Era Hair Studio owner Shannon Stafford said.

The hair salon has been closed for nearly a month after a shelter-in-place order was mandated to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Stafford said she’s already hearing from her clients.

“They’re super excited. A lot of the clients are happy to come to get their hair maintained it’s been a struggle,” Stafford said.

She said she hasn’t struggled with her business being closed. If anything she’s struggling with the fact that someone can still carry the virus without showing any symptoms.

“Just because we can reopen does not mean that we are not still in the danger zone we have to take precaution,” Stafford said.

Mayor Van Johnson spoke out on Facebook right after Governor Kemp announced his decision. Johnson called the announcement “premature, irresponsible and dangerous.” Johnson has spoken out openly against the governor’s decisions throughout the pandemic.

Stafford said she agrees with the governor’s choice of reopening businesses but to an extent. While the business plans to reopen Friday she’s making sure everyone adheres to the social distancing rules.

“They’re going to come. You don’t have to try to take everyone at once because we do not want to continue to spread because my biggest fear is if it spikes and a lot more people are in contact with this virus we could still have the possibility of shutting back down,” Stafford said.

She’s said she’s grateful that her hairstylists have a way to make money again. She added that many people across the area were doing hair out of their homes and with everything back open she thinks it’s a safer way to protect their clients.