Florida lawmakers urging statewide mask mandate


(CNN Newsource) – As medical professionals say COVID-19 transmission rates would decline if everyone wore a masks correctly, hospital leaders in Florida are starting to express concern about the spike in cases.

“It is getting very, very serious. And we need to take serious steps,” Doctor Todd Husty said. “I don’t know if you know this, but we had a meeting with all of the hospitals. The ICUs are filling up.”

Husty is the Medical Director for Seminole County EMS. He says the startling climb in Florida COVID-19 cases may be because of Floridians choosing not not wear masks.

Some Democrat lawmakers say Governor Ron Desantis is partially at fault.

“Gov. Ron DeSantis opened up the state too early,” Rep. Anna Eskamani said. “And, as a result, many people are suffering.”

Eskamani is one of the ten lawmakers who signed a letter to Desantis on Friday, asking him to issue a statewide mask mandate to curb the rapid spread.

“There are folks still not taking this seriously,” Eskamanti said. “And, sometimes, it takes a mandate for folks to actually take it seriously — to practice CDC guidelines on COVID-19.”

Desantis is reluctant about their request. His office sent a statement saying in part, “Governor Desantis has proven that if you inform residents of the risks and provide them with the important information that will keep them safe, they will do the right thing, which is how Florida previously flattened the curve and will do so again. That was successful without imposing a statewide mask mandate.”

The governor also says this type of order would not make sense for some of Florida’s counties. Hustry disagrees, suggesting a statewide order would force needed education about the necessity for masks.

“I think a mandate will help. I think it emphasizes the point that this is very, very important. It’s not a big deal. Just do it,” Husty said.

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