Congressional nominee Nancy Mace tests positive for COVID-19, warns about threat it poses


Nancy Mace tests positive for COVID-19, warns about the severity of the virus

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WSAV) – South Carolina State Representative and GOP congressional nominee Nancy Mace announced Tuesday night she tested positive for COVID-19.

Mace said she got tested after learning that a member of her campaign team was potentially exposed to the virus last week.

“Out of an abundance of caution and concern for my children and my team, I was tested for COVID-19,” she tweeted. “Today, my physician administered the Abbott Sars-Cov-2 RNA ID now nasal swab rapid test and I tested positive for COVID-19 a few minutes later.”

Mace said she had a mild stuffy nose and body aches but no fever or cough.

“In consultation with my physician, I have personally contacted every individual, to the best of my knowledge, who has been in close proximity to me over the last week and may have been exposed,” she said. “I have asked for and paid for my staff and volunteers to get tested immediately. All of my campaign staff and volunteers have been instructed to self-quarantine and work remotely.”

Mace said she and her children will be in quarantine for the next two weeks or until she tests negative for COVID-19.

Earlier this month, Mace won the Republican nomination for the U.S. House in South Carolina’s 1st congressional district. She will face Rep. Joe Cunningham in November’s election.

Cunningham tweeted: “Thinking about you Nancy. And the kids and your whole team. This virus is rough but my family and team are here if you need anything at all.”

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