(NBC News) – As college students head to campus this fall there are new essential items that need to be added to those packing lists.

Bloggers AnnMarie Christiano and Anne Zirkle of “Simply2Moms”  help families navigate these uncharters waters.

“You want to have a bag that is already sort of pre-packed and you can grab and go,” Zirkle says. 

Experts say you should pack extra essentials.

“You can’t rely on picking up what you want at moments notice these days,” says Melanie Berliet of TheSpruce.com.

If your student buys items online, check where they are delivered to avoid carrying heavy boxes across campus, and make sure your student is prepared with a list of emergency contact numbers.

Finally, don’t forget the basics like a good set of sheets, towels, bathrobe and even a weighted blanket.

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