Bluffton resident creates hat to make mask-wearing more convenient


BLUFFTON, S.C. (WSAV) — Infectious disease experts say wearing a mask can help slow the spread of COVID-19.

Tim Hickman is helping his community to wear one even if they forget their mask at home. The Bluffton resident helped invent Hide-a-Mask, a hat with a hidden face mask built-in.

Hickman says the hat will help people navigate stores, airports and other public places during the pandemic so they can easily take their masks off and put them back on again.

The Hide-a-Mask Kickstarter campaign has exceeded it’s $12,001 goal, raising more than $27,000 so far.

Hickman says the invention is ideal for anyone who is forgetful or reluctant to wear a mask and provides a way to ensure that a large percentage of the population has protection conveniently.

“I was constantly forgetting my mask,” Hickman said. “I’d leave home and grab my hat, keys, and my phone, and I’d get to the store and realize, ‘oh man’ and I’d be back home to get the mask. So it was the idea of integrating a face mask into a hat so you’d have it at your fingertips whenever you’d need it.”

The Hide-a-Mask founders say the mask is snug but does not cause any pressure behind the ears because the straps are attached to the hat, not around the ears.

“Hide-a-Mask eliminates the burden of carrying a mask and constantly taking one on or off,” said David Adam, co-founder of Hide-a-Mask. “It’s a thoughtful gift for friends and loved ones to encourage them to wear a mask without imposing a new routine. If they wear a hat, they can have a mask at their fingertips.”

How it works:

  • Reach into the cap to pull the mask down.
  • When a mask is no longer required, simply push up and a magnet allows the Hide-a-Mask to seamlessly adhere to the brim of the cap
  • The mask is removable for washing and then can be reattached

Hickman spent 10 years in Silicon Valley with several startup tech companies. Now, he wants to use his experience to help his community through the pandemic.

He says Hide-A-Mask will be available on Amazon soon as well as their Kickstarter page. Hickman says they also plan on collaborating with schools to help them enforce their mask policies this upcoming year.

“We also have some interest from schools,” Hickman said. “Especially in the lower grades where everyone is struggling to figure out how to reopen it. And you know, third graders, can they really remember to bring their masks? So if we can see that they’re wearing the hat, we can see that they have a mask on them.”

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