Anesthesiologist at NYC hospital shares video diaries of experience


NEW YORK, N.Y. (CNN) – One anesthesiologist in New York City recovered from COVID-19 weeks ago and is now documenting his time working on a hospital rapid response team in video diaries.

Zevy Hamburger works at Mount Sinai Health System. The video above shows a glimpse into his daily life.

Hamburger explains that he donated convalescent plasma, which is hopefully rich in antibodies and will help a COVID-19 patient recover. The video diaries then show Hamburger on his way to assist with an intubation.

“That means putting a breathing tube in,” Hamburger says. “Someone who’s getting sicker and sicker and having difficulty breathing on their own.”

The video diaries show Hamburger on his way to another intubation, his fifth of the day, around 2:30 p.m. Hamburger discusses how odd it is that there are no visitors in the hospital and how healthcare workers have adjusted to that.

“We end up taking the role of not just people as doctors, but also the representative speaking to their families, trying to connect loved ones with each other, holding the phone, trying to speak between mother and son and other family members with what might be the last words to each other,” Hamburger says.

Hamburger says he believes after the COVID-19 pandemic, society will be stronger and will work together. He says future patients will benefit from the struggles healthcare professionals are facing now.

“When we’re done with this crisis, when we’ve won, I have a lot of hope,” Hamburger says.

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