A message to our viewers: WSAV is On Your Side with coronavirus coverage


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way our community operates.

It has forced everyone to change their daily lives, and that includes our news team.

Our staff is following all of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations and protocols, including staying six feet apart and washing our hands frequently.

Many staff members are working from home to allow for social distancing and to stay healthy so we can bring you the latest COVID-19 news.

The WSAV staff shares their messages to viewers about how this has impacted us and how we’ll be On Your Side through the pandemic:

A lot has changed about the way we’re operating here at WSAV. Many people are working from home.

Obviously, some of us need to be here; in the studio, you’ve probably noticed we’re no longer sitting together.

And really, at max, there are only four people in the studio at any given time

It is usually an environment where we’re able to shout across the room at someone and say, ‘Hey, what are you working on? How’s that going? Do you need help?’

WSAV News 3 Anchor Ben Senger

It’s super overwhelming because there’s no shutting my brain off at this point.

When I’m lying in bed, all I’m thinking about is, ‘How can I help this person? How am I going to tell this story?’

I feel honored to be a journalist right now. We’re out here so you don’t have to be.

WSAV News 3 Reporter Alex Bozarjian

For starters, wearing a mask in public is definitely something I’m going to start implementing.

I’ve been going into the field and Lysol-ing all of the mics before I give it to another person.

Our safety is most important but not just ours, but the people we’re interviewing.

WSAV News 3 Reporter/Weekend Anchor Danni Dikes

We are definitely working hard.

It may seem like the media is the enemy right now. I keep seeing all these reports that we’re hyping everything and we’re not doing that.

We’re reporting the facts. We’re reporting the information that we receive as best as we can report it.

WSAV Executive Producer Tarcia Bush

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and feel negative about it but then I kind of remind myself why I went to school for this and why I have this job now.

Digital Content Producer Lauren Wolverton

Just because we’re going through some rough times doesn’t mean that impacts our commitment to the communities that we serve.

The only way that reporters can serve our communities is if we’re there with you through thick and thin.

WSAV.com NOW Reporter Jon Dowding

I know for a fact that we have loyal viewers and I just want them to know that we love you.

We’re here for you. We’re in this together. And definitely, we will get through this together.

WSAV News Anchor Tina Tyus-Shaw

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