Coronavirus, masks & your eyes


LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) – Wearing a face mask everyday has been an adjustment for many people but for those who wear glasses, they’re coming across some unique challenges that may have them switching to a different alternative.

“I put on the mask and realized that every time I breathe, my glasses would fog up,” Sarah Doucet says. “My manager told me WD-40 might work and it didn’t at all, it probably made it worse.”

Doucet works as a waitress, a job where you definitely need both eyes and hands. That’s why she said she’s wearing her contact lenses more often.

“When you wear contact lenses you have to give your eyes a break and I usually do it about three times a week but I haven’t been able to,” Doucet says.

The foggy mess is a reason why optometrist Dr. Mason McCain says he’s seeing an increase in people looking to swap out their glasses for contacts.

“We’ve definitely seen an increase in patients wanting to be fit in contact lens,” McCain says. “We are seeing patients who may have not worn contacts for years or maybe trying contacts for the first time.”

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