AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is hoping to crack down on robocalls with some new rules.

“Oh my God, it’s ridiculous,” exclaimed Sharon Evans.

Evans is fed up with getting robocalls.

She said, “It’s a joke. They just keep coming and coming.”

One Augusta man said he received about eight robocalls just on Wednesday.

“It’s very inconvenient because I drive a lot and they be calling me or if I’m on the phone, they’ll disturb the conversation that I’m having and be distracting me,” explained Daniel.

Carrie Liakos is no stranger to robocalls either. She said, “Usually more selling advertising trying to get you to purchase whatever subscriptions and stuff.”

“Some of these clowns leave messages but it’s a recording. It’s ridiculous,” said Evans.

Penalties are now in effect under the FCC’s ‘Robocall Mitigation Database‘ for phone companies that don’t take steps to decrease robocalls. All voice service providers are required to show the FCC how they are using caller ID authentication practices. The FCC hopes this helps put a stop to scams but some say scammers are persistent.

A cybersecurity expert told NewsChannel 6, “Always ways around these various call blocking apps and tools. And that’s not to say people shouldn’t use them, absolutely, please do. Of course, you can block the individuals’ numbers and texts but it’s very easy unfortunately just for them to use new numbers and get around that again.”

“I’ll just block the caller and then they’ll just call from a different number,” said Daniel.

The FCC reports Americans received nearly four billion robocalls last year and it is very challenging to track scammers down.

Some people we talked to say they try not to answer mysterious phone calls at all.

For helpful tips from the FCC to protect yourself, click or tap here.