(NBC News) – The earth faces a growing plastic problem. An estimated 1 million plastic bottles are sold every minute and more than two-thirds of those bottles end up in the trash.

“Most consumers don’t realize that every plastic bottle is generally recyclable,” explains Katherine Lugar the president & CEO of the American Beverage Association.

A new “every bottle back” initiative aims to change that. a joint-effort from Coca-cola, Pepsi and Keurig Dr Pepper encourages consumers to put bottles and caps in the recycling bin.

“That will include on package message starting next year to let them know 100% recyclable and please give back,” says Lugar.

But not all consumers can. Only about half of U.S. households have curbside recycling. Six percent have no recycling options at all.

Since China stopped buying most of America’s recyclables last year, recycling facilities are facing mounting challenges.

The “Every Bottle Back” partnership will funnel about 400-million dollars to upgrade facilities and expand services.

“We really want consumers to have confidence when they take extra step to recycle bottle that it’s going to be used as intended,” explains Lugar.