Credit card companies offering enhanced rewards amid the coronavirus

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(NBC News) – The Coronavirus pandemic has forced many Americans to rethink their finances and that includes credit cards.

Experts say a lot of credit card companies have been forced to pivot, with some offering enhanced rewards at the grocery store or credits for streaming and cell phone plans.

It’s also a good time for consumers to take another look at cash back options.

“There’s no shame in keeping it simple, you know, if you’d like cash back and you just want to set it and forget it. There are cards like the Citi Double Cash. 2% cash back on everything really doesn’t get any simpler than that,” said Ted Rossman with

Rossman says the perks that come with travel cards have been adjusted as well.

“If you had elite status, probably got another year of that,” he said. “Or if you had a free hotel stay that you haven’t used yet, chances are that deadlines have been extended another year.”

Those annual fees, which can be as much as $600 are often negotiable, and those worried more about paying bills should not be afraid to ask for help.

“Chances are they’ll let you skip a payment or two, maybe even without interest or they can lower your interest rate. All of this protects your credit score,” said Rossman.

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