Officials warn about fake COVID vaccine cards: Buying one is against the law

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – There’s a rash of fake COVID vaccine cards being sold online, and the FBI, along with attorneys general in 45 states, are warning that it’s against the law to obtain a fraudulent card.

The law enforcement officers are calling on companies including Twitter, eBay and Shopify to stop the fraudulent sale of these cards.

Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr is one of those who’s joined the effort to stop the fraud.

“We are asking these companies to help us curb unlawful behavior and protect the public,” says Carr. “Fake vaccine cards are a potential threat to public health, and our office, along with our colleagues from across the country, is prepared to hold accountable those who violate the law.”

We’re told that the fake cards are being sold for $200 or possibly more.

“Fake cards, counterfeit cards, do it yourself cards, blank cards, do it yourself kits for vaccine cards are all being sold online, said “Rania Mankarious with CrimeStoppers in Houston. She says similar organizations in many states are following all the COVID scams and now the fake card scams.

Mankarious says, unfortunately, in this scam, consumers who go looking for these things online are willingly participating with the scammers.

“They’re both in on it,” said Mankarious. “Really, what they’re trying to do is manipulate the bigger picture, and while we understand that COVID is a very personal issue, it impacts everybody.”

The fake cards are reportedly being bought by some people who want access to concerts, conferences, to travel overseas or for a variety of other reasons.

“Creating a counterfeit card so that you can gain entry on an airplane, potentially, or send a child back to school or enter a public building creates a public health risk for everyone,” said Mankarious.

Mankarious says she, for one, kind of expected a scam, since the cards are made of paper and could be easily faked.

There is no federal system right now to authenticate real vaccination cards, but the FBI and other agencies are continuing to look into the issue.

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