A look behind the plant-based meat company, Impossible Foods

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REDWOOD CITY, Calif. (NBC News) – As the Amazon rainforest fire gained international attention last month, climate experts knew this was the symptom of a larger issue. A Silicon Valley company is working on a fix by changing the way we eat.

Some believe cattle to feed the planet’s insatiable appetite for beef is doing harm to the earth.

“They’re doing it to grow corn and soy to feed cattle,” explains Christopher Gardner, Professor of Medicine at Stanford University, “greenhouse gasses, water usage, biodiversity, land usage, phosphorus, we’re really doing a number on the planet.” 

In Silicon Valley at the kitchen at the Redwood City headquarters of Impossible Foods chefs and scientists work to make the impossible burger, plant-based meat patties.

“We need to make meat that is just [as] credible, just as juicy, seared, able to mimic everything we love about meat, but bypass the cow,” explains Dr. David Lipman the Chief Science Officer at Impossible Foods, “We’re using the most advanced technology to understand what is the basis of the flavor, the basis of the texture.” 

The company launched eight years ago by a Stanford professor.

The plant-based company Beyond Meat went public in May and is already valued at $10-billion. You’ll see their burgers in restaurants, at burger king — and that’s just the beginning.

“The target is the true carnivore, the person who absolutely loves meat,” says Rachel Konrad with Impossible Foods.

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